Bio-based resins & Healthy & Eco-friendly
XPO leather

Skin-friendly & Luxury Haptic

Non-toxic(Plasticizer free & Solvent-free&DMF free)

Lower Odor & Lower Emissions

Excellent Performance in cold, aging, Anti- yellowing

Bio-based resins&

Anti-soiling&easy cleaning


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XPO leather 

• Rich in color; Dark、Light、White 

Easy embossing and strong plasticity for various textures; Animal grain,Geo grain, Fine Grain,suede grain

• Strong post-processing capability; Perforation,Embordary,Logo Embossing,Quiliting,Pattern Embossing

In the automobile industry, XPO leather is used because it is high-quality, environmentally friendly, and healthy. It also helps lighten vehicles. XPO leather is a novel material with promising futures and market potential that satisfies market demand for high-quality leather products while also promoting environmental sustainability and sustainable development.

XPO leather