Film Products
Composite Film
White EVA-S201W
HIUV white EVA-S201W is specifically designed as the bottom layer EVA to increase the power gain of PV modules.
Transparent EVA-S201MT
HIUV S201MT EVA films are fast curing types, and widely used for encapsulating PV modules.
Pure POE-P507(M)
HIUV P507(M) is a 100% pure POE of packaging film for photovoltaic modules.P507(M) is designing for n-type bifacial modules with strong anti-PID ability and long term durability.
HIUV co-extrusion POE (EPE) film-P507 is a new packaging film designed for photovoltaic modules, particularly PERC and n-type TOPCon modules.
HIUV's third-generation co-extrusion POE film-EXP film-P507(S) is a new type of packaging film for photovoltaic modules.
Prior to being heat treated
PVE color glass adhesive film
Prior to being heat treated, the product has two surface layers of light semi-transparent film.
PVE-S High strength glass curtain wall adhesive film
PVE-S film
The product has high light transmittance, low haze, transparent and pure color, low water absorption, and resistance to UV yellowing.
XPO leather is a high-quality
XPO leather
XPO leather is a high-quality, environmentally-friendly synthetic leather material that is soft, comfortable, eco-friendly, dirt-resistant
Hshade PDCLC dimming film can be adjusted...
Hshade PDCLC dimming film
Hshade PDCLC dimming film can be adjusted by voltage to achieve the conversion between transparency and opacity of glass.